a rose from the garden

A rose from him – an eternal male set in stone with a love so strong that nothing will take him away from her – and never shall she doubt him. He puts her on a pedestal in his tower of beauty and thorns above the fauna and flora with his rose of infinite hope.

And she said – “for all the petals on this land today, oh darling – there’s only one rose I will never forget. And next year this will be the same – for of all the petals there is you in stone as me – together we are one.


And although people could not see them together – they were never apart. That’s true love – personal and ever lasting. Never based on assumptions and certainly not the false reality of what we perceive.  Love is not fame or wealth – threads and connections. Love is something that lies in your soul – never dormant.


11 thoughts on “a rose from the garden

      1. Hello to u too Tiffany. (And thanks for Namaste)

        Where are you from Tiffany?

        Nice to make your acquaintance. Would love to see more of your blog here 🙂


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