For My Bae

Sometimes we need to find ‘stillness’ to manifest our best selves. Time to nurture the crafts we love most. It’s not about being a social influencer as little projects are about the end result not the ego. So that’s what I have been doing. I made these soaps early this morning inspired by my world. Because he is just that to me and I could not be prouder. We may have different views at times but that makes me love him more because through one another, we learn and grow. Always together. We never tire and yes it’s tough some days when you love this much. Every moment becomes another step towards infinity.

Tiff. X

I am working on a personal project. All my soaps and waxes are cruelty free, vegan and biodegradable. I use soy wax and glycerine based soaps that are 100% plant based. The food chain is a different matter but I will not endorse suffering for beauty when crafting myself. The colouring is volcanic dust. All my soaps are made from either essential oils or quality sourced cruelty free fragrance oils. These will be for sale at my hotel and work.

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