Belleva Suite and Lounge Chairs (I am totally eccentric but It feels good)

Well I added six rooms at Belleva to go live and take bookings. Not entirely happy with any of them yet as I can see little faults. But you just have to hit the green light, otherwise it will be another year before I feel ready. Then due to requests for the bank holiday, I put on a large suite that I recently dressed. However I sort of threw what I could together to co-ordinate with the main vibe of the room and I am still not happy.

The rooms will find their own wings with time. TBH

I passed Tender Paws Cat Rescue a few days ago and in the window was a painted tin ornate table with grooved legs. It was £45. I loved it but said to Danielle, ‘I want that but I don’t know where I’d put it?’. Just dawned on me it would have been perfect for the Tiffany Belle Harper Suite in place of the bistro table I somehow inherited. So I hope tomorrow it is still there.

The metal chairs in the dining room are also from Tender Paws. They’re not my ideal taste but then, I am not sure what is in terms of the lounge as it sort of manifested by itself? I just knew however, the cafe style chairs would match due to their neutral colour. Chrissie at the rescue said I could have the further 4 chairs in a similar design for £30, as the stoppers on the bottom had come off which meant they could potentially scratch the floor. I declined, then discovered I could buy transparent leg stoppers to put on the foot of the chairs. So I sort of ended up with 8 chairs. Now I don’t want any of them … in favour of another couple of sofas. So everything is constantly shifted and whizzing around.

The house is haunted. Most places are but one of the little spirits can turn everything on and off, also peel things from walls and play with the lights. I think it’s probably due to the fact the house hasn’t had guests since 2014, so they’re enjoying the adventure of the place being occupied. Naughty little souls!

Anyways. Am waffling. Been making pictures all day and couldn’t sleep. The chores are endless. I have not found a good laundry company yet so there is going to be a lot of washing. Oh f*cking hell.

There is a video on instagram of me dancing. I look twice my actual size on the footage. I hate it but then I thought, ‘at least I am enjoying myself.’

Why worry what others think – that’s their bag not mine. It is like anything in life, a glass is half empty or half full. Why do humans procrastinate so much about things that really are never going to matter. I am sexy and I know it. Fine in my skin. I am alive and grateful. We all end up bones one day so make the most of life. Okay, I don’t always brush my hair (and some days my teeth). I like that about myself. But I am nonetheless, proud for going down a dress size as I feel better in myself. Death in the family can make us turn to chocolate. But I got past it.

Oh and my bath bombs are now officially ‘Bath Fizz’ and I am fully licensed to sell 5 of my own recipes. Apparently, they really bubble up. I fear the jacuzzi situation. ‘Bubble’ House … lol. FFS. Also made a notice to put in the tubs, as you should never use any chemicals such as shampoo, bubble bath etc in a spa or jacuzzi. Just water. But there will be disasters. I don’t sleep worrying someone is going to totally bubble my attic suite. They will get my wrath and that is for sure. Don’t push my buttons!

A Gypsy spoke to me about Dad on the prom. He can see me. I am glad. My heart is broken. Oh to love you Dad. He did suffer towards the end. But I was there when he went. I kept my promise. And that part was peaceful.

Wrote lists today of things to do for the craftsmen and house keeping. Then a huge one of stuff I must finish before the weekend. I feel shabby but dynamite. I like my challenge. I like me. I am ever powerful in the face of all diversity and teachings. Possibly perfect by comparison to the small minded majority (ha ha). TBH.

Hungry. Got crumpets in the bread bin. Love to toast them so they go slightly crunchy then dollop with blackcurrant jam and peanut butter. I sneak around at night. It’s my best time. I see and hear more things. This industry never sleeps. Then … there’s the alleyways. I could go on forever. Then what would I write about if I was writing all the time? We first need adventures. I am still scrap booking. One day with the bae I will slow down. How beautiful is that bae? Youse bad ass genius of mine – our history is something to hold. Had Madeleine Peyroux on all day, I didn’t realise she’s made so many songs. Perfect for stress free ear noise.

Tiffany. X

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