Belde the Mannequin at Belleva

Sometimes, no matter how much we try to avoid problems and mishaps they find us. This can be family matters, work, finance, health or general wellbeing. But work and crafting can take our mind from this. The more free time we have to dwell, the further our minds may become complexed with stuff which is unnecessary, as worry is a form of self abuse.

So today whilst styling the final room at Belleva I decided it was time to unbox one of the mannequins. Danielle (my housekeeper) and general morale booster, plus aspiring designer, took to dressing her like a duck to water. Where as I have a past in fashion, mannequins and window dressing. It may look simple, but propping up a stiff dummy is not easy.

The wig I have had for a couple of years and the outfit was from a market in Blackpool. ‘Belde’ which is an anagram of Danielle and my middle name ‘Belle’ seemed fitting. So here is our new resident!

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