holy well

Love and peace to all. The Holy Well Southam at the foot of my family home. The place I find absolute peace and solitude with the divine. I never feel alone here – the water is healing. Life is beautiful. I’ve had some bad times when I’ve gone to the well and everything becomes fine once more. But today I went in happy spirit. I felt so humble. Joy and Love are for all to take when we trust in the universe and appreciate our short term in this life. We are given a gift of greatness amongst nature and the elements.  Stay in the light – stay with peace – all the answers lie within your soul and passion.  Let go of all that does not serve you – be happy and blessed with your own persona and those who love you. Do not be afraid to stand up to the dark – for darkness needs the light. Those stuck will trick you – let them go – they are never to return. We as a race are rising to the higher dimensions of universal intelligence in many ways – ways that will all become apparent during your cosmic journeys that are infinite! Walk Free! TBH©