Flowers in Spring #video

I will never stop missing Foley. You never get over not being able to hug something you loved so much. But life carries on. Life is beautiful. We just need to rub off the negative and hate and feel only the love around us. I am so lucky. I have people who love me and want the best for me. I am trying so hard to get a balance. But when we open our hearts to the love we have to close it to the hate – otherwise we become vulnerable targets.

Detachment – Protection – Loyalty.

I love so many people. From a distance. I love a few in my life and heart. They matter most. We can’t please everyone. There’s people out there so stuck in the third dimension, they will thrive on tearing real love down because it will never belong to them. We all need to protect that which is best kept secret. Love cannot be stolen or fabricated and certainly not replaced. Tiffany. X